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90 Day Fiancé Clip: Ed Shows Off His Love For Interior Design

Somehow, “Big Ed” Brown keeps finding new ways to surprise us.

In an exclusive clip from the Dec. 4 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Ed and his fiancée Liz hit up an open house as the couple attempts to figure out their future.

As soon as Ed and Liz meet their realtor at the potential property, he wastes no time in boasting about his design acumen.

“I actually have a background in design and architecture,” Ed says. “So when I told you I was looking at mid-century, I kind of meant it.”

Big Ed, the interior decorator. Who knew?

After Ed jokes about “bathing” in the kitchen’s deep sink, Ed explains that he and Liz have actually butted heads about her lack of knowledge on the subject.

“Design is really important to me and it’s a side of me that Liz is getting accustomed to,” Ed says in confessional. “For example, she still calls a ‘sofa’ a ‘couch,’ which drives me nuts.”

We can’t say we fully understand the difference, either, but we’ll take Big Ed’s word for it!

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