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Secret Santa Gift Exchange: 15 Presents For Every Team’s Budget

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Secret Santa, Pollyanna, and even White Elephant (though depending on where you’re from, that may mean another thing)…to paraphrase a better writer, a gift exchange by any name smells just as sweet. 

And now, we’ve reached the most wonderful time of the year: The time you got a little egg noggy at a holiday happy hour and decided you’d love to organize one. Whoops!

Whether it’s a team at work, a extended family, or just a friend group, Secret Santa takes a lot of effort. How many people are involved? When’s the deadline? What’s the maximum price point? Ahem, what’s the minimum? All of the planning, and not to mention, the shopping, can almost take the fun out of the whole shebang.

But, as always, wE!’ve (see what I did there?) got your back. AKA, we’ve taken most of the (non-email-chain-related) work out of this year’s gift exchange for you, and put together this list of the top 15 Secret Santa gifts to suit every group’s budget. 

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