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The Fate of Fboy Island Revealed

It looks like even HBO Max is done with f–k boys.

That’s right, according to a Dec. 5 report by Variety, the streamer has canceled the Nikki Glaser-hosted dating show. The series, which ran for two seasons on HBO Max, followed three women as they looked for love among a group of men. The catch? Not all of the suitors were there for the right reasons, leaving the female leads to figure out who among the men were “Fboys” just looking to win a cash prize.

We’re certainly disappointed by this news, as creator Elan Gale told E! News in August that he hoped to expand the series into a franchise, a “FPerson Universe,” if you will. “I love FBoys, FGirls, FPeople and I want to keep bringing back all of the fan-favorites because I think we can tell 10-year stories.” Gale added at the time, “We want to use the Marvel philosophy.”

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