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The BoF Podcast: Jasmine Hemsley: ‘We Must Demand a More Nurturing and Supportive Way of Life’

OXFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom — Jasmine Hemsley, founder of Hemsley + Hemsley, chef, author and wellness expert took to the stage at VOICES 2018 to explain the science of Ayurveda, a health system with roots in India dating back thousands of years.

Hemsley believes in a balanced, yin-and-yang lifestyle centred around gut health, a concept she channeled into a pop-up café in the Maiyet Concept Store, East By West, and later a book. As for what this health system entails? Almond milk. Turmeric lattes. Herbalism. Meditation. Bone broth. Fermented goods. Slow cooking. Digestion. Yoga. Supplements. Mindfulness. Intermittent Fasting.

“It’s all Ayurveda, baby,” she said.

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