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The BoF Podcast: Michèle Lamy, a Life in Extreme Style

OXFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom — Michèle Lamy defies categorisation and convention in all facets of her life, not least on stage at VOICES, BoF’s annual gathering for big thinkers. She joined BoF’s Tim Blanks to discuss her open, nomadic approach to life, which has yielded some of the most fascinating creative collaborations in fashion in recent decades.

Known primarily as an entrepreneur and producer, Lamy is perhaps best described as a catalyst of experimentation, whether in partnership with her husband Rick Owens or Gareth Pugh, or through her personal passion project, Lamyland — more a state of mind than anything else — which debuted during Frieze London in 2014 with a barge on the Regent’s Canal. In January, Lamyland landed at Selfridges in the form of a boxing gym installation filled with product created for the occasion by Versace, Supreme and more brands.

“I am curious, I liked to be seduced,” said Lamy. “I am seduced by a lot of things.”

When asked if she is drawn to extremes, Lamy was defiant, explaining that her life is fuelled by a desire “to try, to stand up, to say that it is.” What scares her? A boring life, she said. “That’s extreme.”

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