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The BoF Podcast: Stella McCartney: ‘Everything Is at Stake’

OXFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom — A lifelong vegetarian who founded her cruelty-free namesake brand in 2001, Stella McCartney has been in the game of ethical fashion long before it was trending.

Now, she is using her platform as a designer and businesswoman to implore others to follow in her footsteps. At VOICES 2018 she revealed the launch of a UN charter for climate action within the fashion industry, which delineates 16 commitments for lessening fashion’s impact on the environment.

McCartney also revealed her latest charitable initiative “Stella McCartney Cares Green,” which aims to empower students, professionals and businesses to embrace sustainable and ethical practices. It will work towards influencing change among policymakers too.

This call to action was underscored by an appeal to the collective responsibility of those in fashion. “It’s really about bringing everyone together as an industry,” she said. “Actually taking responsibility, putting our money where our mouth is and making an amazing change together.”

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