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The BoF Podcast: Stephanie Phair on Nurturing Fashion’s Future Female Leaders

LONDON, United Kingdom — In conversation with BoF’s Imran Amed, in front of 150 fashion professionals from the BoF Careers community, Farfetch’s chief strategy officer and chair of the British Fashion Council Stephanie Phair shared her insight on how fashion can better support gender diversity within the workplace. As the global #MeToo movement has spotlighted sexual misconduct within creative industries, this issue has gained increasing momentum, sparking industry-wide conversation on the continuing gender imbalance in the fashion sector.

“First of all, it’s about facing up to the problem. Bring [gender diversity in leadership] into the core conversation, not a policy on the side,” Phair said. “It’s about taking small steps — looking at family friendly policies, balancing out salaries for people doing equal jobs, and looking [at] the distribution of leaders. It’s about gender diversity, but it goes broader than gender.”

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