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Cool Gifts For Teenage Guys (2022)

The only people harder to buy presents for than teen girls? Teen boys. They’re not exactly known for being great communicators, so how are you supposed to know what they want? 

Perhaps your teen boy told you explicitly what he’s after this Christmas. But it’s no fun ticking things off a list. You want to surprise him with something unique, cool, and quirky

So we’ve worked some mental magic, stepping into the shoes of male adolescents to come up with this comprehensive list of the best gift ideas for teen boys. 

Whether he’s a fashion fanatic who covets all the big name brands or a committed gamer who rarely appears from behind his screen, we’ve got the perfect gift for him. From indulgent luxuries to budget-friendly options that are still a million times better than a cheque, these are the best teen boy gifts money can buy, all ready to put under the Christmas tree

Check out the following gift ideas for teenage boys, helpfully categorized by price:

Take a look, feel inspired, and show him that, sure, he’s growing up but you still have the right to spoil him rotten.

In a rush? No problem! Here are the most popular gifts for men right now. These are sure to be a hit.

Ready for more? Behold, 55 gift ideas for teenage boys.

Gifts for teenage boys under $50

Mobile Phone Magnifier

Bigger is nearly always better, especially when it comes to movies, videos, and games. Hence why your teen needs this mobile phone magnifier from Dizaul. Focusing on a tiny smartphone screen all the time isn’t good for his eyes. Save him the strain with this phone magnifier which doubles the size of his screen, transforming the viewing experience. 

Best for: Standard movie streaming gets a mega upgrade. 

Mobile Phone Magnifier

 5-in-1 Tool Pen

It’s universally acknowledged that men love tools and that includes teen boys. So this 5-in-1 Tool Pen has to be one of the most ideal teen boy gifts. This nifty gadget features a screwdriver, a stylus for smart devices, a bubble level, a ruler, and a pen. When you’re a student, a pen takes on a new level of importance. Make sure his is a good one with this 5-in-1 tool pen

Best for: A multipurpose gift that no one could say no to.

 5-in-1 Tool Pen

LED Strip Lights

Your teen boy might have shown no interest in decorating his bedroom but that will all change once he sees these LED Strip Lights from MINGER. Definitely one of the quirkier gifts for teenage boys, these lights will transform his bedroom into something suitably space-age. Stick them along walls, the top of cupboards, or the skirting board. The lights automatically change color and speed, creating a futuristic aesthetic that any teenage boy will appreciate. 

Best for: Transforming a teenage bedroom into the coolest man cave ever. 

RFID-Blocking Leather Wallet

If you want your teen to be a bit more responsible with his money, we highly recommend this Vaultskin wallet. It’s one of the most stylish and sophisticated men’s wallets as well as being super functional with RFID-blocking technology. Slim and sleek, this wallet is perfect for getting him to take money a bit more seriously. 

Best for: A grown-up wallet to inspire financial maturity.

RFID-Blocking Leather Wallet

Champion Hoodie

In case you didn’t get the memo, Champion is most definitely cool now. Ever since they collaborated with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, they’ve become some of the hippest streetwear brands around. So if you’re looking for gifts for 15-year-old boys that won’t be met with a grimace, this Champion Hoodie is a winner. The design is simple, low-key, and impossible to object to. 

Best for: Casual but cool outerwear that goes with everything. 

Vans Slip-On Skate Shoes

Seeking inspiration for gift ideas for a 14-year-old boy? Here to make your life easier is Vans Slip-On Skate Shoe. It’s a total classic that kids have been wearing for years and its popularity shows no sign of dwindling any time soon. He’ll be thrilled to be wearing sneakers by this beloved old-school skate brand and you’ll be thrilled that he’s wearing high-quality shoes that support his feet. Everyone’s a winner.

Check our round-up of the best sneakers for men if you want to see the latest trends and fresh new designs for more inspiration.

Best for: An iconic shoe that will be cool ‘till the end of time. 

Portable Charger

One of the most obvious gifts for teenagers has to be a portable charger like the PowerCore from Anker. This portable charger is one of the smallest and lightest out there, providing 3.5 iPhone 8 charges or 2.5 Galaxy S8 charges. So if your teen has a tendency to freak out when his battery dies, give him the gift of next-level charging with this Anker Portable Charger.   

Best for: On-the-go charging for any teen who’s inseparable from his phone. 

Adidas Sliders

The ‘90s have made a mega comeback in recent years and these Adidas Sliders are a great example. These shower slides are the dream present for teen boys and an essential part of any streetwear wardrobe. Available in a range of colors to suit any style preferences, they’re perfect for wearing in the locker room or as part of a casual weekend getup. 

Best for: Iconic footwear from an iconic brand.

Seneo Wireless Charger

When it comes to tech-themed teen boy gifts, this Wireless Charger from Seneo has to be up there with the best. It’s perfect for the boy with multiple devices, offering cable-free charging while looking sleek and stylish simultaneously. With this wireless charger, he can keep his bedside table neat and tidy and also enjoy being the proud owner of such a seriously cool piece of technology.  

Best for: Premium charging with the sleekest of designs. 

NutriBullet Blender

Every teenage boy could do with getting more fruit and veg in their diet, and making smoothies with this ultra-fast and powerful blender is a great way to do so. Plus, if your kid is a gym buff looking to bulk, he can use the NutriBullet Blender to make protein shakes

Best for: Lightning fast and high-strength blending for any smoothie or shake-fanatic.

Echo Dot

Choosing gifts for 15-year-old boys must be the trickiest part of Christmas. But one gift that will definitely go down well? An Amazon Echo Dot. This premium smart speaker offers a rich audio experience that can be totally voice-controlled. Different Echo devices can even be synchronized to play music across rooms. Whether he wants to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or music, the Echo Dot will make listening a luxury. 

Best for: A smart sound solution for tech-savvy teens. 

SUPCASE iPhone Case

Almost every teen boy owns an iPhone which means almost every teen boy needs a suitably cool iPhone case. Our favorite? The UB Pro by Supcase. Made for an iPhone 12 from shock-absorbing TPU and unbending polycarbonate, it’s a rugged accessory that can proudly boast of being the winner of CNET’s annual drop test.

Best for: Indisputably indestructible phone protection. 

Adidas Duffel Bag

There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to get his hands on a good duffel bag, such as this duffel bag by Adidas. Whether he takes it to the fitness studio or uses it for overnight stays with his mates, he’s going to appreciate having a bag with both fashion appeal and attested-to durability and practicality. 

Best for: On-trend transportation to the gym or on his travels. 

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Set

Scruffy might be the current style choice for your teen boy but maybe that’s just because he’s lacking the tools. Treat him to this Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Set. It’s a practical gift that won’t go unappreciated. With a smart wooden-handled brush and biodegradable shoe cleaner (enough for 100 shoe cleaning sessions), this shoe cleaning kit is basically the gift that keeps on giving. 

Best for: Encouraging your boy to embrace a more polished aesthetic.

Shoe Cleaning Set

Aesop Shampoo

Treat your under 20 to some premium men’s shampoo with this Aesop Classic shampoo. This shampoo is a delicious blend of cedarwood bark and juniper berry that cleanses hair thoroughly while vegetable proteins do the hard work of hydrating and softening locks. Maybe this will stop him from always stealing your shampoo. 

Best for: The best-smelling shampoo he’ll ever experience.

Paddywax Candle

Teen boys don’t receive enough scented candles. So if you’re looking for gifts for your 16-year-old boy, why not get him this Paddywax Candle? It has a wonderfully spicy fragrance with a mix of peppercorn, leather, cedar leaf, and dark oak—a very manly smell that he’ll definitely enjoy. Once they see this artisan candle, we’re convinced his entire tribe of friends will want one too. 

Best for: Proving that scented candles aren’t just for girls. 

Laptop Sleeve

One of the most practical gifts for teen boys, this laptop sleeve from MOSISO may not be flashy and exciting but it will definitely get used. There’s a range of colors available and the material is water-repellent. The case is slim enough to slip easily into a backpack or bag and there’s even space in the front of the laptop case for a mouse, earphones, and other accessories. 

Best for: Exceptional protection for the device he depends on the most. 

Bubble Tea Kit

Your teen boy may not have discovered the delights of tea drinking quite yet but we are sure he’ll be convinced by tea’s distant cousin: bubble tea. With this Bubble Tea kit, your teen can make the delicious drink himself. There are two flavors of tea included as well as the tapioca pearls, plus two reusable straws. The only kind of home-brewing you want him to be doing. 

Best for: A delicious DIY beverage for even the least kitchen-smart kid.

Bubble Tea Kit

Gifts for teen boys under $100

Gordon Leather Bracelet

You might think jewelry is one of the riskier gifts for teenage guys but this Gordon leather bracelet from Oliver Cabell is here to prove otherwise. It’s simple, understated, and effortlessly cool. The design is minimalist and versatile while the quality is classic Oliver Cabell. The Gordon bracelet is sure to be a hit. We bet that within a year all his friends are wearing one. 

Check our in-depth review of Oliver Cabell’s sneakers and our profile on Oliver Cabell’s brand.

Best for: An understated accessory for the teenage sophisticate.

Western Rise Cotton Tee

We don’t need anything more than a couple of grunts to know that this tee is a failsafe gift for every teenage boy on your gift list. Made from ultra-soft, lightweight cotton, the high-performing fabric speaks to endless adventures. But it’s also one of the most versatile silhouettes for everyday wear. 

We love this Western Rise tee in every neutral hue. And if we’re honest, we’ll likely just buy one of each to tick off every nephew’s birthday or Christmas present this year. 

Best for: Ticking off teenage gifts for the year. 

best luxury gift guide teenage boys ideas western rise x cotton tee - Luxe Digital

North Face Backpack

If you’ve been paying attention to street fashion in the last few years, you’ll notice that North Face has become extremely cool. So if you’re on the hunt for gifts for teen boys, this North Face Backpack should be top of your to-buy list. Not only does it look cool in stealthy jet black but it’s convenient too, with a protective laptop compartment, ventilated back support, multiple pockets, and sternum support for additional carrying comfort. 

Best for: Comfortable and cool carrying from a teen-favorite brand. 

Aesop Shaving Duet

A razor is only part of the equation when it comes to shaving. You also need great shaving skincare. Aesop’s Shaving Duet is designed to ensure a perfect shave each and every time. It contains a serum and post-shave lotion, both formulated to soothe, soften, and hydrate skin. Turn shaving from a boring chore into an enjoyable ritual with this decadent shaving duo

Best for: A luxury skincare indulgence for anyone new to shaving. 

UGG Scuff Slippers

These UGG Scuff Slippers are heaven-sent to keep us cozy and snug through the winter months. Made from cow suede with the fluffiest interior imaginable, these slippers are a veritable utopia for your toes. One of the best gift ideas for a 14-year-old boy. He’ll be over the moon—and so will his toes. Team with a men’s robe and your good to go. 

Best for: Treating your teen to toasty warm toes.

Bellroy Classic Pouch

What do you get a wild young thing who refuses to grow up? Something adult, practical, and that he would never think to buy himself. In other words, this Bellroy pouch. It’s simple but exceptionally useful, offering organization and storage wherever he decides to take it. It can slip into a rucksack and be used to keep toiletries, accessories, and cables neat, tidy, and within easy reach. 

Best for: The stylish storage solution he didn’t realize he needed. 

Diesel Belt Bag

Diesel is a brand known for its provocative and dynamic designs and the edgy aesthetic of this crossbody bag makes it the perfect gift for a teen. It has a trapeze-shaped body, the brand’s printed logo, a zip fastening, an internal pocket for valuables, and an adjustable belt strap. Get your teen started on his love affair with high fashion with this Diesel Belt Bag

Best for: A streetwise carry from this style-savvy brand. 

Vincero Computer Glasses

The Vincero Computer Glasses are designed to reduce the eye strain symptoms of gaming by using special lenses to block out harmful blue light. This makes gaming more comfortable and less damaging in the long term. The only risk? He might consider these Vincero Computer glasses a free pass to game for as long as he wants.  

Best for: Vision-protecting glasses for the avid gamer in your family. 

Bed Backrest Pillow

Looking for unique gifts for 15-year-old boys? This Bed Backrest Pillow is probably the thing teenage dreams are made of. A pillow that transforms his bed into an armchair? Yes, please. Serving as a backrest, this Husband pillow will provide perfect support to his body during even the longest and most demanding lounging sessions. 

Best for: A one-of-a-kind pillow design that makes staying in bed even easier.

Bed Backrest Pillow

Bellroy Tech Kit

Teen boys seem to collect tech equipment. Devices, gadgets, gizmos, and seemingly endless cables—they all come with accessories that need to be kept tidy. The solution? This tech kit from Bellroy. One of the most practical gifts for 17-year-old boys or 16-year-old boys, it’s the perfect way to keep all tech accessories in one place.  

Best for: High-level organization and storage so he can keep things smart and sorted.

Gift ideas for teen boys when money is no object

Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

Help him stay on trend and on time with this handsome watch from Nordgreen. The Danish brand is known for bringing chic minimalist design to the world of traditional watches.

The Nordgreen Philosopher is available in a range of colors and materials, but we think this gorgeous combination of a gunmetal case with a dark brown vegan leather bracelet is perfect for the young men in your life.

best gifts teenage boys nordgreen - Luxe Digital

Philosopher Watch

Beats Portable Speaker

You can be sure he’ll love this Beats Pill+ Wireless speaker that offers 12 hours of listening. The Lightning cable offers speedy charging in just 3 hours and there’s even the possibility to connect to a friend’s speaker for an even more epic audio experience. We’d put this speaker up there with the very best gifts for teen boys.

For other options, check our round-up of the best wireless speakers available today.

Best for: Taking his tunes with him to any destination.

All-Birds Running Shoe

Minimize his carbon footprint while maximizing his running footprint with the ultra eco-friendly Tree Dasher by All-Birds. Not only is it a superb running trainer with a streamlined fit, optimal durability, and a rigorously tested responsive design, but it also boasts impeccable eco-credentials. The materials are all-natural, including the world’s first carbon-negative EVA midsole and a castor bean sock liner. One of the most thoughtful teen boy gifts. 

Best for: Athletic and eco-conscious adolescents with a need for speed. 

Luca Faloni Dolomiti Cashmere Scarf

This cashmere scarf by Luca Faloni is the perfect way to say that you see him as the sophisticated adult he strives so hard to be. Made in Italy, from 100% pure Cariaggi Cashmere, the sumptuous accessory is the sartorial equivalent of a high-end spa neck rub. Whilst the timeless aesthetic will see him through many icy Winters in style. We love the full range of neutral hues. And whichever you choose, he’ll almost certainly find a way to pair this versatile Dolomiti scarf with everything in his wardrobe.

Best for: Like father, like son. 

best luxury gift guide teenage boys ideas luca faloni pure cashmere scarf - Luxe Digital

Dolomiti Cashmere Scarf

Axel Arigato Legend Zip Hoodie

Living up to the teenage stereotype, if he’s going to wear a hoodie for life, you may as well ensure it’s a good one. Enter: Axel Arigato’s Legend Zip Hoodie. Inspired by a college team culture, the relaxed silhouette features the brand’s iconic logo in tonal varsity letters. While the chunky zip, kangaroo pockets, and drawstring hood pay homage to the traditional hoodie elements. 

It may not cut the mustard for sophisticated soirees, but at least he’ll appear put together in the neutral gray on most occasions. 

Best for: Knowing what’s up in Gen Z fashion. 

best luxury gift guide teenage boys ideas axel arigato legend zip hoodie - Luxe Digital

Legend Zip Hoodie

Harber London Nomad Organizer

Teenage boys don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to organization. And whilst this accessory may not be at the top of his list, he’ll thank you many times over when he makes his test, urgently needs a pen or is trying to impress someone. 

Handcrafted in Spain from premium full-grain leather, the Harber London Nomad Organizer is an essential for entering college or the working world (graduation gift?). The compartmentalized silhouette features a sleeve for a 14” laptop, as well as a pocket for a 13” tablet.

Best for: He’s got his degree in the bag. 

best luxury gift guide teenage boys ideas harber london nomad organiser for ipad pro 12 9 - Luxe Digital

Nomad Organizer

Vincero Commuter Backpack

Ok, so he’s still scarred from double strapping in kindergarten. But this adventure-seeking urban backpack is one way to totally redeem that. Unlike his bullied childhood version, the sleek black silhouette is actually cool and effortlessly chic. Whilst protective internal organizations and high-performance fabrics are bound to impress any teenage boy—especially one that’s into his “gear.”

It’ll have his back in style and functionality. And whether he’s tackling a mountain, heading to the skate park or simply finding independence through public transport, this Vincero backpack has plenty of space for all the essentials—plus the all-important extra snacks.

best luxury gift guide teenage boys ideas vincero commuter - Luxe Digital

Commuter Backpack

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

Ok, so we don’t want to endorse the stereotype of teenage boys living with headphones in and blocking out the rest of the world. But chances are, they’re going to do that anyway. So you may as well tick off what’s bound to be at the top of his list: Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

With high-tech noise canceling and personalized spacial audio, he’ll never be able to tell you that you don’t know what’s cool again. Plus, we consoled ourselves with the idea that headbanging pop songs will soon be replaced with Google Meets and online interviews.

Best for: Earning those much-coveted brownie points.

best luxury gift guide teenage boys ideas apple airpods pro 2nd generation - Luxe Digital

Gaming LED Monitor

Hunting for gift ideas for teen boys is a lot easier if your kid is a gamer. Anything gaming-related will go down well—especially this Gaming LED Monitor from Sceptre. This 1800r curved monitor radically improves visuals, adds depth and intensity to the gaming experience, and enables total immersion. For a gift that will make you the most popular member of the family for a least a few months, add this gaming monitor to your cart now. 

Best for: Taking his gaming experience to a whole new level.

Gaming LED Monitor

Philips Norelco Shaver

Starting shaving is a big thing so get him amped up for this life milestone with this Philips Norelco shaver. It’s expertly designed for smooth shaving with ComfortGilde rings that reduce skin friction as well as SkinProtect Blades to cut hair gently. The MultiFlex heads make shaving tricky areas like the neck or jawline easy and stress-free. The perfect gift for any boy just entering puberty.  

Best for: A versatile shaving solution for any boy becoming a man.

Roku Smart Soundbar

Amp up the excitement of movie marathons with the Roku Smart Soundbar, bringing all the thrill of the cinema experience to your front room with powerful FK streaming and deluxe sound. Not only do you get high-definition visuals but you can also enjoy expanded frequency range and dynamic bass from the soundbar’s four full-range speakers. It’s one of the most splurge-worthy gifts for teenage boys. 

Best for: Cinema-worthy sound and exceptional streaming all-in-one.  

Black & Decker Mini Fridge

Food-related products make the best gifts for teenage guys given their massive appetites. So it’s safe to say that this Black & Decker Mini Fridge will be a hit with your boy. With this in his bedroom, he can be responsible for his own snacks and drinks rather than nagging you to get them for him. It’s also perfect for college dorms so consider it an investment.

Best for: Snacking and drinking at his leisure. 

Mini Fridge

Big Joe Bean Bag

This Big Joe Bean bag is one of those teen boy gifts that feels like divine inspiration. Described as the ‘most comfortable chairs in the world,’ these bean bags are filled with patented shredded foam technology which means they never go flat or need to be refilled. Given lounging is the activity of choice for teen boys everywhere, what could possibly be a better present than this deluxe bean bag?

Best for: Next-level comfort for gaming, movie streaming, and general chilling.

LARQ Water Bottle

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is of paramount importance to the younger generation so you can be confident that this water bottle by LARQ will be warmly received. This is a reusable water bottle like no other with self-cleaning and water purifying capabilities that make it perfect for outdoor adventurers. 

Best for: Future-forward hydration with major design appeal. 

Spectrum Jogger

The Spectrum Jogger by Western Rise is named for the fact that it embraces the maximum spectrum of uses, from lazing Sunday lounging to morning workouts. Whether he adds it to his athleisure collection or uses it as part of his relaxing uniform, this pair of joggers should be mandatory in any adolescent male’s wardrobe.  

Best for: Dependable dawn-’til-dusk attire. 

Spectrum Jogger

Master & Dynamic Wireless Headphones

Trying to talk to your teen boy when he constantly has his headphones on is infuriating. But you can at least make sure the headphones he’s wearing are exceptional—like these ones by Master & Dynamic. These wireless headphones have to be one of the most indulgent gifts for teen boys, featuring active noise-canceling technology for premium sound quality and the finest leather for optimum comfort. 

Best for: Treating your teen to the most luxurious of listening experiences.

Wireless Headphones

Koio High Top Sneakers

You really can’t go wrong with these white sneakers from Koio. White sneakers are a staple in any man’s wardrobe, making these the perfect gifts for 16-year-old boys. Made from durable lightweight rubber and butter-soft leather, these Primo Koio sneakers are designed to send the wearer straight to cloud 9—which is exactly where your teen wants to be. 

Best for: Ending his quest for the perfect white sneaker. 

Olive Cabell White Sneakers

With their versatility and timeless style, these Oliver Cabell white sneakers are some of the best gifts for 16-year-old boys. With serious design-savvy and made from sleek Italian calfskin leather, they’re simple, laidback, and look good with every get-up. They’re also pretty grown-up, making them a great choice for a teen who refuses to act his age. For more details, read our full review of the Low 1

Best for: Demonstrating the difference between average and exceptional sneakers. 

White Sneakers

MA-1 Bomber Jacket

With their sleek streetwise aesthetic, bomber jackets are always in style. And, with their edgy and too-cool-for-school attitude, they’re also God’s gift to teen boys. This bomber jacket by Alpha industries is our favorite, modeled after the original MA-1 fighter pilot jacket and featuring the signature ‘remove before flight’ flag. The best bit? It’s reversible.

See our selection of the best bomber jackets for men to find more ideas and inspirations to upgrade his style.

Best for: Required attire for any racer boy. 

MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Balance Skin Care Kit

Adolescence is a tough time so give your teen the kit he needs to keep his skin looking its best. Aesop’s Balance Skin Care selection features essential and accessible formulas designed for combination skin. There’s a cleanser for softly decongesting skin, a toner to bring balance, and a lightweight hydrator too. With this skincare kit in his bathroom cabinet, he’ll be the only one of his friends to stay enviably zit-free throughout his teen years. 

Best for: Grown-up grooming to tackle even the most hormonal skin.

Balance Skin Care Kit

Vincero Altitude Watch

Teens generally pay no heed to time but the Altitude watch by Vincero is here to change that. With its pilot-inspired aesthetic, reliable quartz movement, 10 ATM water resistance, and durable sapphire crystal glass, plus the Luminous hands and indices for night-time reading, your teenager will find it impossible not to keep checking his Altitude watch and you’ll find he’s suddenly always on time. 

Best for: A rugged masculine watch to encourage better time-tracking.

Kindle Paperwhite

Is your teen boy a bit of a wild child, always up to no good? Keep him out of trouble by introducing him to the transformative powers of fiction or the mind-expanding facts of non-fiction. This Kindle Paperwhite feels like a real book but has the bonus of being waterproof and having an adjustable light so you can read indoors and outdoors, day and night. You’ll never hear a peep from him again. 

Best for: Gifting the timeless wonder of reading.

Razor RipSurf Waveboard

Is your teen a surfer or skateboarder? Now he can be both with the Razor RipSurf Waveboard. No need for the ocean. He can pretend he’s catching waves as he skates along the pavement, using the 360-degree wheels to tear up the sidewalk with the same movements as he’d make in the surf. The waveboard is one of the best teen boy gifts—a fun and high-energy activity that gets him outdoors. 

Best for: Sidewalk wave catching when he can’t make it to the sea. 

Apple Watch Series 8

As the most advanced smartwatch, you’ll almost certainly receive more than a couple of grunts when he unwraps the Apple Watch Series 8.

The technology features powerful health innovations such as an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and built-in GPS. And it is also incredibly durable, designed to equip the boldest adventurers with a crack-resistant, dust-resistant, water-resistant casing.

Ok, so he may become obsessed with fitness. But that’s better than video games or serial dating right?

Best for: Getting him off the couch.

best luxury gift guide teenage boys ideas apple watch series 7 - Luxe Digital

Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

A shortcut to self-confidence and soaring self-esteem? A pair of Randolph aviator sunglasses. Originally engineered for military pilots, these sunglasses are so cool it doesn’t matter what else you’re wearing. They’ve also got that you-only-live-once vibe that makes them one of the best gift ideas for teenage boys. 

Best for: A classic sunglasses silhouette with that iconic Top Gun feel. 

Aviator Sunglasses

Smartphone Sanitiser

In an era when hygiene has become the highest concern, this Smartphone Sanitiser is the perfect gift—even for teen boys. We all know phones can be breeding grounds for bacteria but this sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to clean it thoroughly. It even charges your phone at the same time as well as allowing you to listen to music simultaneously. The PhoneSoap On-the-Go has to be the ultimate gift for teenage boys this year. 

Best for: Keeping his smartphone spotless with no effort required. 

Smartphone Sanitiser

Creed Aventus

One of the best men’s colognes out there, this Creed perfume perfectly balances youthful energy with a sense of grown-up glamour. And given that it was inspired by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, it also doubles as a history lesson. If you don’t mind your teen smelling more sophisticated than you, then Aventus by Creed is the perfect luxury olfactory gift. 

Best for: A thrilling introduction to the world of adult fragrances. 

Frequently asked questions about teen boy gifts

What do teenage guys like for gifts?

When it comes to gifts, teenage guys like presents related to their interests, whether that’s a skateboard if they’re sporty, a portable speaker or headphones if they’re a music enthusiast, or a cool pair of sneakers if they’re fashion-conscious. Check out our list of the best gift ideas for teen boys for more inspiration. 

What is a good gift to give a 13-year-old boy?

A good gift to give a 13-year-old boy is a cool rucksack that he can use at school. A bean bag would also make a great present for a young teen boy, as well as a pair of slippers. A gaming monitor or a pair of gaming glasses is a good choice if he’s a gamer. 

What is a good Christmas gift for a 15-year-old boy?

A good Christmas gift for a 15-year-old boy is a smart wallet. A cool phone case is also a good present for a 15-year-old teenager, as is a reusable water bottle. A portable speaker or a great pair of headphones would also be popular with 15-year-old boys. 

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