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Cosy & Stylish House Shoes

We’ve all been there: Dawn hasn’t yet broken, and you’re due out the door in 20 minutes. Need a little immediate motivation? Have a pair of the best slippers for women at the ready. So, you can swing out of bed, slide your feet right in, and shuffle downstairs to the coffee machine before your day hits full throttle.

Then, when you return home having been on your feet all day (whether in heels, boots, or luxury sneakers), there they are: A pair of the best house slippers ready to welcome you into their cushty soles. 

For busy women, the twilight comfort of a cozy pair of pajamas and a pair of house slippers is a sanctuary that’s tough to match.

Perhaps your day is full of Zoom meetings, undertaken from your home office. We’ll say only this: You’ve only got to look smart from the waist up… So, maybe you need a pair of go-to house shoes for days spent at home. 

Or you’re at the office all day, and desire the sumptuous solace a great pair of indoor slippers can offer. Either way, our list of the best slippers for women has you, and your feet, covered—from the cloud-like extra fluffy kind to the minimalist hotel-style slipper. 

The only problem is: You’ll never want to take them off.

Psst: they’d also make the perfect gift too.

The 23 best slippers for women

To help you find the slippers that are best for you, check our style guide to choosing the best slippers for women after the list.

Senreve Shearling Slipper: Overall best women’s slippers

best slippers women senreve luxe digital

Your feet deserve a break, too. A favorite brand of ours for stylish designer work bags, Senreve knows we don’t need to sacrifice comfort for productivity. And these plush shearling slippers are the perfect testament to that.

Made with 100% Australian shearling, these Senreve’s luxurious fluffy slippers are the cozy, stay-at-home companions we can totally see ourselves hanging out with on the daily, whether we are relaxing around the house or working from home.

The pastel color palette is totally versatile and will easily match with your favorite chilling clothes. Plus, they’re soft and flexible which means you’ll sink into these cute slippers like gooey marshmallows—perfect for going all Netflix ‘n’ chill, with no pesky hard bits digging into you.

Learn more about the story behind Senreve.

Best for: A nice, warm hug for your feet.
Colors: A range including Baby Pink, Plum, and Smoke.

Chloe: Best luxury slippers for women

best slippers women chloe luxury slipper luxe digital

Set on comfortable, logo-print soles, Chloé’s slippers are effortlessly fabulous. Lined with plush cream shearling trim for functional warmth, these slip-on slippers simply invite an aura of laidback luxe. Made from tan leather, they go well with pretty much everything from denim to midi dresses. 

The sophisticated design style gives a clear nod to fine craftsmanship. And the incredibly indulgent feeling you get whenever you slip them on will serve as a daily reminder of your overall sumptuousness.

Best for: Relaxing in luxury like you were born for it—effortlessly.
Colors: Brown.

Parachute Classic: Best value women’s slippers

best slippers women parachute classic hotel slipper luxe digital

Your bed is beautifully dressed with luxury hotel-style bed sheets, and you’ve got one of the best bathrobes to match. So, why stop there? Emulate hotel luxe at home with the Classic Turkish cotton slippers by Parachute—hotel toiletries not included.

Coming in pure, bright white, sliding into these slippers will remind you of your last high-end hotel stay, and the pure relaxation that came with it.

Crafted from plush terry fabric, sliding into these slippers is like 5* luxury, with your feet being the VIP guests. And, being soft, pliable, and breathable, you can pad around your home in ultimate comfort. They also have a rubber sole for gripping and are machine washable. 

In essence, these cushioned slippers are made to make you feel calm, cool, and collected, starting with your toes.

Best for: Reliving your favorite hotel break at home, every day.
Colors: White or Stone.

Naked Cashmere Mule: Best giftable women’s slipper

best slippers women naked cashmere luxe digital

67 grams of 100% cashmere and padded insole in a cozy slipper? Your feet will thank you. 

These foot-hugging cashmere mule slippers by Naked Cashmere are spoiling us with pure luxury comfort for maximum unwinding.

Just like the best cashmere sweaters for women, these cashmere slippers make the perfect gift for women and Secret Santa’s stocking filler.

Learn more about the story behind Naked Cashmere.

Best for: Your beloved cashmere sweater in slipper form.
Colors: A range including Black, Sandy, and Truffle.

UGG Coquette: Best women’s backless sheepskin slipper

best slippers women ugg coquette luxe digital

UGG slippers (and let’s not forget their boots!) have deservedly reached ‘iconic’ status, and are beloved by comfort and style enthusiasts across the world. 

Not short of celebrity endorsements, the Coquette Slipper, in particular, has been the slipper of choice of stars from Reese Witherspoon to Jennifer Lopez. And who can blame them? UGG slippers for women are rightly regarded as the epitome of at-home chic.

With soft sheepskin and a lightweight rubber sole, plus the comfort-oozing round toe, these women’s slippers are to die for. It goes without saying, the attention to detail and lovely quality means UGG slippers are incredibly long-lasting, too.

Best for: A celebrity-loved retreat for your feet.
Colors: Chestnut, Berry, or Burnt Olive.

Vionic: Best women’s slippers for arch support

best slippers women vionic luxe digital

Sometimes, we don’t give our feet the support they well and truly deserve. After all, they carry us all day non-stop and never ask for anything in return. 

So, treat your achy soles to the Relax slippers with arch support by Vionic. They feature an adjustable instep buckle strap for a personalized fit, so you can create optimal comfort that’s tailored to you.

Using Orthaheel technology, the slippers are specifically designed to fit snugly to your arches and support your weary feet. Plus, the footbeds are wrapped in microfibre, which works as a shock absorber. Essentially, the Vionic Relax slippers boast an array of carefully crafted features to make sure comfort and support are of the highest order.

Best for: Saving your soles, and giving your feet the support they deserve.
Colors: Tan, Black, or Navy.

M.Gemi Shearling Moccasin: Best indoor-outdoor women’s slipper

best slippers women m.gemi shearling moccasin slippers luxe digital

Handmade in Tuscany, Italy, M.Gemi’s shearling moccasins are only ‘slippers’ in the very loosest sense of the term. 

Falling somewhere between a cozy slipper and comfy loafers, the M.Gemi Felize is the extremely well-shod lovechild of two cornerstone shoe styles.

With a super-soft genuine shearling-lined interior and a true moccasin construction that molds to your foot for a glove-like fit, these shearling slippers are literally made to pair with your favorite loungewear set. 

Featuring genuine gommini rubber sole, they’re wasted if you limit them to inside the home. No, these beauties deserve to be showcased to the world. Okay, maybe not with your cocktail dress. But truly, they will have you treading comfortably on all surfaces, from concrete pavements to plush pile carpet.

Learn more about the story behind M.GEMI.

Best for: Indoor-outdoor slippers to keep your feet cozy, no matter what the day demands.
Colors: A range including Black, Tan, and Sage.

Aeyde Kelly: Best shearling slipper for women

best slippers women aeyde kelly shearling slipper luxe digital

These shearling slippers by Aeyde have probably crossed your social media feed a time or two and might just have to make their way into your capsule closet. 

Crafted in Italy from 100% natural, sustainably sourced shearling, these plush house slippers are soft and snug, chic, and comfortable. 

They’re super easy to slide on, with the open-toe meaning you can still show off your jazzy pedicure.

They also have a leather sole which means that, yes, you can wear them beyond the house with relaxed tailoring or your favorite jeans and a white t-shirt.

Best for: The ultimate laidback-luxury statement.
Colors: Chocolate or Cream.

Brooklinen: Best faux shearling slipper for women

best slippers women brooklinen loungewear slipper luxe digital

Is there anything in winter better than duvet days? Plaids aren’t just for your bed—this pair of Brooklinen slippers will make your feet experience the ultimate in comfort, too. 

Wear them as a slide, or with the heel up (if you ever get slightly active bounding around the house with your kids and pets or learning, like, the whole Thriller dance routine). 

Just don’t blame us if you don’t want to go out today.

Best for: The plaid-like footwear for doing very little.
Colors: Black and Grey, Camel and Rust, or Plaid.

Eberjey: Best women’s slipper socks

best slippers women eberjey slipper-socks luxe digital

Combining the softness of a sock with the slip-proof sole of a slipper, Eberjey’s Ankle Slipper Sock is every homebody’s best friend.

Made from a chunky knit and lined in ultra-soft faux shearling, these slipper socks are the perfect match to all your at-home layers whenever you’re feeling chilly.

Throw these winter warmers into your travel tote for comfort on the go.

Best for: Knit slipper-socks to keep your feet warm and toasty, home and away.
Colors: Gray, Bone, or Indigo Blue.

UGG Fluff Yeah: Best women’s fluffy slippers

best slippers women ugg fluff yeah luxe digital

With the iconic design of the UGG, combined with über-soft fluff that would make a Chow Chow envious, these fluffy slippers from the Godfather of slippers are the ultimate indulgence.

Being UGG, they’re naturally crafted from 100% sheepskin and include that all-important lightweight sole. So yes, they pack a major punch in terms of out-of-this-world fluffiness, but they’re still super light and airy to wear and strut around in.

The elastic strap adorned with UGG graphics means no one will be in any doubt ‘who’ you’re wearing. Of course, the handy upshot being the UGG Fluff Yeah slippers stay firmly on your feet.

Best for: Ultra-fluffy slippers which are as close as you’ll get to walking on actual clouds.
Colors: Amphora, Beverly Pink, or Black.

Alo Yoga: Best women’s slippers for summer

best slippers women alo yoga summer slipper luxe digital

We’d be remiss not to include a quality pair of waterproof slides in our list of the best slippers for women. These are only a slither away from bare feet (which we are totally down with, but the stones and blistering pavements, we can do without, thanks).

Crafted with luxe leather and ultra-comfy soft molded rubber soles, meet your new staycation-to-street, am-to-pm go-to: the Alo Yoga It Slide

They pair well with everything, from loungewear to yoga leggings, and look great with socks or without. 

Everybody who’s well-acquainted with 30℃+ knows the deal– when it comes to by-the-pool lounging, the only way is these slides.

Learn more about the Alo Yoga brand.

Best for: Summer slippers to see you through, long, languorous summer days.
Colors: Black, White, Yellow, and Pink.

Parachute Shearling Wool Clog: Best women’s slippers for winter

best slippers women parachute wool clog winter slipper luxe digital

For a company founded in notoriously sun-baked California, Parachute sure knows how to craft a rocking pair of winter slippers.

So, when the winds are wild, and the air is glacial, arm yourself with a pair of Parachute’s cosy, 100% wool clogs. Like fluffy clouds for your feet, these warm slippers will keep your feet toasty.

The sturdy foam soles mean you can step out of the house, no problem.

Best for: Winter slippers to warm your feet (and hearts!) in the chilly months.
Colors: White.

ULTRAIDEAS: Best memory-foam women’s slippers

best slippers women ultraideas luxe digital

Memory foam isn’t just for luxury mattresses. Now you can treat yourself to a pair of memory-foam slippers that literally mold to the unique shape of your foot.

ULTRAIDEAS slippers feature high-density memory foam with shock absorption, which stretches to a customized fit after only a few outings.

They’re not just a one-trick pony, either: ULTRAIDEAS have covered everything. The anti-slip outsole allows you to move silently throughout your home. Great for burglars, yes, but also great for not waking the whole house when you venture to the bathroom at 4am.
Perhaps most importantly, the soft fleece upper and collar mean your feet will feel snug the moment you step into the ULTRAIDEAS memory-foam slippers.

Best for: Tucking your feet into their very own memory-foam mattress, complete with a fluffy fleece blanket.
Colors: Black/Grey, Purple, or Royal Blue.

Parachute: Best bootie slippers for women

best slippers women parachute cozy bootie luxe digital

If your idea of paradise is slipping your feet into some marshmallow-soft, cute-as-a-button bootie slippers, then stop right here. The Parachute Cozy Booties are simply everything you could desire from your new slippers.

We’d say your feet will feel like they’re in the clouds. Which they will. But with the Parachute Cozy Bootie slippers, your feet are the clouds, thanks to the super soft sherpa from which they’re crafted.

Soft though they may be, these booties still feature a slip-resistant rubber sole. So, no fear, you won’t be sliding all over the place like a baby figure skater at their first class.
Reaching to the ankle, the Parachute Cozy Bootie slippers provide those crucial extra inches of warmth. Plus, they’re über easy to slide on, so you’re only ever seconds away from optimal comfort.

Best for: Supersoft ankle bootie slippers that go the extra mile (well, inch).
Colors: White.

SOLLBEAM: Best women’s fuzzy slippers

best slippers women sollbeam luxe digital

When it comes to the best fuzzy slippers, SOLLBEAM prevails with flying colors. 

Offering irresistibly fuzzy textured open-toe uppers, the soft exterior, in fact, disguises a myriad of awesome features. The deep heel cup helps to support your feet when you’re pottering around at home, and the shock-absorbing outsole makes that support go one step further.

The contoured footbeds help to promote alignment, which, in turn, can mitigate pesky lower-back pain. Yep, you heard: These slippers can actually alleviate back pain.
The SOLLBEAM fuzzy house slippers do all this, while totally looking the part. What’s not to love?

Best for: Cotton-wool-soft bedroom slippers of the fuzziest order.
Colors: Black, Apricot, or Grey.

Allbirds Tree Loungers: Best women’s slippers for sweaty feet

best slippers women allbirds luxe digital

Sweaty feet are a thing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. No, it’s not nice. But to pretend is to avoid, friends. So, face the facts, and invest in a pair of slippers designed specifically for sweaty feet. Your friends/partner/date will thank you.

No, they’re technically not slippers, but we’ll let this one slip (on): Crafted with responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber, these Tree Loungers by cult brand Allbirds are breathable slip-ons that are so comfortable, you’ll struggle not to wear them around the house. 

Even better, these slippers minimize odor and are machine washable. If they’re erring on the side of, well, ripe, just throw them in the laundry, and voila, good as new.

Learn more about the story behind Allbirds.

Best for: Women who have struggled with a lengthy vendetta against sweaty feet (we get it).
Colors: A range including White, Navy Night, and Mist.

Birkenstock: Best women’s slippers for wide feet

best slippers women birkenstock luxe digital

If your feet are a little on the wider side, it can be a Cinderella-style nightmare trying to find house shoes that fit. But no fear, you will make it to the ball (or at least the pajama party), comfortably clad in Birkenstocks.

Featuring two adjustable straps and a cork footbed for unsurpassed comfort, Birkenstock’s shearling and suede sandals are a snug twist on your favorite summer sandals—the iconic Arizona style.  

The outsole is suitable for both outdoor and indoor wear, too. So, whether you’re kicking back with a movie, or going out to find the cat, you can do so in comfort and style.

Best for: Women with wider feet, seeking a timeless pair of slippers with all the mod-cons.
Colors: Black, Brown, or Grey.

Anine Bing: Best open-toe slippers for women

best slippers women anine bing luxe digital

What if you could have your feet wrapped up nice and warm, but still enjoy a slight breeze to stop things getting too stifled (and not let that pedi go to waste, either)? With Anine Bing open-toe slippers, you totally can.

These wear-everywhere pair of open-toe slippers have puffy crossover straps, with the padded soles wrapped in fluffy 100% wool.

They don’t just look gorgeously luxe, though. The Anine Bing Izzie slippers are made to last, too.

Essentially, these multitasking slippers manage to be glamorous, comfortable, and practical, simultaneously.

Best for: Those on the hunt for the perfectly furry open-toe slipper, which doesn’t put a foot wrong.
Colors: Camel.

Tod’s: Best moccasin slippers for women

best slippers women tod's shearling loafers luxe digital

Fully lined with fluffy-as-a-cloud lamb fur and set on the brand’s signature rubber pebbles, these made-in-Italy moccasin slippers by Tod’s are the epitome of comfort. Plus, the lamb wool works to naturally regulate your temperature, making sure your feet get neither too cold, nor too stifled.

They slip on like a dream and will support your feet when you’re strutting around showing them off.

So, if your errands take you out of your front door, there’ll be no shoe-changing necessary. The Tod’s shearling loafers will hold their own outside just as well as they do inside with track pants.

Best for: Moccasins that make you feel you’re walking on air.
Colors: Camel, Off-White, or Yellow.

UGG Scuffette: Best slip-on slippers for women

best slippers women ugg scuffette luxe digital

If you’ve never had the pleasure of slipping on a pair of Ugg slippers, you’re in for a treat. We’re not being hyperbolic, either. If the Guinness Book of World Records held a competition for the best slippers, UGG would proudly take the trophy.

Lovingly crafted with 100% sheepskin, you feel as if you’re slipping your feet into a warm bath. Suitable for year-round wear, the fine woolen sheepskin breathes, and thus diverts moisture away from your feet while regulating your body temperature. Hey, not bad for a humble pair of slippers!

The rubber outsole means you can wear the UGG Women’s Scuffette Slippers outside, too. It’s probably not ideal (nor too socially acceptable) to wear them, say, to the shops, but they’re perfect for running to the mailbox or grabbing something from the car.

Best for: The OG of the slipper world and a generous swig of hygge.
Colors: A range including Black, Sand, and Chestnut.

Jessica Simpson: Best women’s backless faux-fur slipper (vegan)

best slippers women jessica simpson luxe digital

Thanks to the rise of great quality faux fur, fur lovers can still enjoy the softness and luxury of the real thing. Just, y’know, without members of PETA hurling red paint at your front door.

Jessica Simpson has designed some beautiful faux fur, vegan slippers which are almost indiscernible from the ‘real thing’. The clog-style slippers feature a generous lining of the fluffiest of faux furs to keep your feet snug and warm, with feathery feels all the way.

And, under the thick faux fur, is a thick layer of memory foam for good measure. So, your feet will be supported throughout the day. And believe us, once you put them on, you’ll want to wear these all day…
Alas, the soles are happily anti-slip. So, if you do end up wearing the Jessica Simpson slippers all day, you won’t be constantly watching where you’re treading.

Best for: A chic vegan alternative to real fur slippers, with all the benefits of the real deal.
Colors: Black, Burgundy, or Grey.

HomeTop: Best budget slippers for women

best slippers women hometop luxe digital

Your feet can look a million dollars, without having to spend… Well, a million dollars. For an excellent budget slipper, try on the HomeTop house slippers for size.

It’s the elegant design of these fleece slippers that truly make them stand out. Two-tone knitting is combined with über-silky plush fleece, topped off with a cute little wooden button detail. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re pairing them with raggedy leggings and a shabby tee, ‘cause everyone will be looking at your lush feet!

A memory-foam insole allows for a personalized fit, while the cute knit uppers are completely breathable. So, your feet will feel light, airy, and healthy (even if your post-work brain doesn’t!).

The HomeTop house slippers feature an anti-slip outsole, so you can tread around your house in the small hours –if that’s what you’re into– without making a peep.

Best for: Money-savvy women who won’t let your budget get in the way of sumptuous slippers.
Colors: Black, Grey, or Pink.

Style guide: Know what to look for in a perfect pair of slippers for women

Slippers do a lot more than they get credit for. Sure, it’s easy to find a pair that look cute. But, a good pair should possess a few key features which will go ways to optimize your comfort, while looking, and feeling lush:

Breathable fabric

Our feet sweat. Many of us are on our feet all day. It’s natural, but it’s icky. So, to mitigate any pesky sweat, make sure your new slippers are made from breathable material. These types of fabric work by pulling moisture away from your feet, allowing the air to circulate, and your feet to breathe. 

best women house slippers luxe digital

Tip: don’t skip the socks. They act as a barrier between your shoes and your feet.

So, whether it’s breathable knit, polyester, or plush faux fur, just check that it’s breathable. If you go with UGGs, you’ll be fine, as sheeps wool is naturally breathable.

Memory-foam insoles

Like the famous mattresses, memory-foam insoles allow your slipper to form the unique shape of your foot. This allows for maximum comfort, and a personalized fit. Memory foam also has great byproducts, such as relieving tension, providing arch support, and stopping foot roll.

Anti-slip soles

Well, anti-slip soles pretty much do what they say on the tin. Slippers with these soles are decked out with grip, so you don’t find yourself slipping and sliding your way across the dining room floor! It’s no doubt that this is a must-have feature on your new slippers.

NB: Quality is everything

Lastly, but most importantly, select slippers which are excellent quality. Yes, it may mean spending a little more. But in the long run, you won’t have to invest in a new pair every year.

So, it’s worth making sure the seams are well sewn, the soles are strong, and the fabric is durable.

Frequently asked questions about women’s slippers

Who makes the best slippers for women?

UGG’s iconic style has been worn and loved by slipper-wearers for decades. Having said that, Senreve and Parachute are leading the way for comfortable and cute slippers, too. Check out our guide for more inspiration on the best slippers for women.

What slippers have the best support?

The Vionic Relax slipper is excellent for arch support. With the footbeds coated in microfibre, they offer shock absorption, as well as adjustable instep buckle straps for extra support.

Are Ugg slippers worth the money?

Really, UGG’s popularity speaks for itself. Considering the quality of both craftsmanship, and materials used, it’s clear that investing in a good pair of UGG slippers is a wise move.

What are the best slippers for sweaty feet?

The Allbirds Tree Loungers are a great choice for those concerned about sweaty feet. Crafted from breathable material, they divert moisture away from your feet, keeping them clean, dry, and healthy.

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