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Inman’s Top 5 Stories Of The Week Dec. 2-8, 2022

M. Ryan Gorman at Inman Connect Las Vegas. Credit: AJ Canaria

Ryan Gorman was a long-time veteran of Coldwell Banker’s parent company and has helmed the brokerage for the last three years.

The company recently reported a nearly billion-dollar loss and has now dramatically rearranged its executive lineup as the cash-buying sector contends with a slowing market.

Compass broker David Schlichter says Jason Oppenheim has it all wrong. His rebuttal? The things that Compass is doing right will keep this brand afloat for the foreseeable future.


If you’re serious about growing your business, this plan is for you. Jimmy Burgess goes over seven different activities, with a specific number of repetitions for each activity, that will produce results in any market environment.

Two days after M. Ryan Gorman’s surprise exit from Coldwell Banker, four industry experts considered the weight of Wall Street on companies’ leadership decisions amid a market downturn.

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