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Keyes Company, Revive Partner To Boost Listing Business

Florida-based The Keyes Company has partnered with Revive to help its thousands of agents boost listing business and earn more for their sellers through ROI on presale renovations.

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Revive makes software that offers potential homesellers a way to analyze and facilitate presale renovation projects.

Its solution was built flexible enough to integrate with an array of lateral technology partners, such as the offer comparison tool zavvie. It’s also meant to be offered as an enterprise product, meaning installed across an entire multi-office brokerage.

That feature attracted Florida-based The Keyes Company, who decided to leverage Revive’s benefits for its thousands of agents, according to a Dec. 7 announcement sent to Inman.

Homeowners should be as prepared as possible for the market, and an as-is house might not cut it, Keyes’ CEO and President Mike Pappas said in a statement.

“By offering our agents easy access to Revive’s supported network, renovation expertise and services for their clients, every seller can list a move-in ready home, quickly and on budget, and see a better return,” Pappas said.

A newly renovated home can see an equity increase of 15 to 20 percent, and agents working with Revive have increased their commissions by an average of 22 percent, according to Revive.

“Research shows that when homeowners renovate their homes before selling, they maximize their return on their most significant asset, on average by $186,000 more in net profits. And once Revive homes are listed, they sell faster,” the company stated.

A February 2022 Inman technology review of Revive, which earned four stars, notes that the company “isn’t leaning entirely on software to automate what is obviously a very hands-on process. It instead blends its technology with salaried advisers assigned to each agent’s needs upon setup.”

The company won the 2022 Pitch Battle sponsored by the National Association of Realtors, claiming a $15,000 prize from Second Century Ventures, NAR’s technology-focused, for-profit investment subsidiary.

Another component of Revive’s solution, the newly released Revive Edge, likely had something to do with Keyes’ partnership interest as well.

Revive Edge provides members with “ready to transact” seller leads, as well as a commission advance component and co-branded marketing materials, Inman reported. Keyes agents will be able to apply for Edge access after they close a deal using Revive’s renovation services.

“Revive Edge is for agents who are known in their markets for going above and beyond for their clients,” said Michael Alladawi, Revive Real Estate CEO and founder, in a statement. “They give their clients their best, so Revive wants to give them our best.”

However, Revive Edge is merely one major lead provider Keyes Company agents have at their disposal. At the NAR NXT conference, Lone Wolf Technologies announced its newest product, Leads+, would also roll out with Keyes’ agents as users.

Inman reported that the partnership was announced after a year of collaboration to merge Lone Wolf’s back office, transactions and broker metrics software with Keyes’ existing operations.

Keyes is a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. It merged with Illustrated Properties in 2016, resulting in 58 total offices throughout the company and an average of $7 billion in annual real estate sales and services.

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