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What Are You Planning To Do Differently Next Year? Pulse

New markets require new approaches and tactics. Experts and industry leaders take the stage at Inman Connect New York in January to help navigate the market shift — and prepare for the next one. Meet the moment and join us. Register here.

Resolutions and the new year simply go together. There’s something about the turning of the calendar that makes renewal feel almost irresistible and goal-setting a given. Even if you haven’t yet totally decided what your new year’s resolutions will include, we know you’ve been thinking about them, at least a little.

It’s OK, you can tell us. What have you been hoping for, dreaming of and angling toward next year? Are you setting great big goals or tiny, incremental ones? Are you planning a major overhaul of your business or getting back to basics with some things that you know you should be doing anyway? We really want to know: What are you planning to do differently next year? Tell us all about it below.

We’ll post our findings with the top answers next week on Tuesday.

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