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Are you in a fashion rut, needing something with punch, elegance and pizzazz to pick up your style pace? Then I suggest you wear lace.

Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, and can be made by machine or by hand. Originally linen, silk, gold and silver threads were used. In today’s fashion market, lace is often made with cotton thread, although linen and silk threads are still available!

Look lovely and lush in lace!


Lace Fun Fact: Lace can also be made with a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread! This is often found in lace clothing made by Dutch designers.

Another Lace Fun Fact: The word lace is from Middle English, from Old French las, noose, string, from Latin laceum or laqueus.

Pick up your unique, signature fashion pace when you adorn your body in luscious lace.

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There are many types of lace, classified by how the lace is made:

  1. Needle Lace: Made using a needle and thread.
  2. Cutwork Lace: Lace constructed by removing threads from a woven background, and the remaining threads are filled with embroidery.
  3. Bobbin Lace: Made with bobbins and a pillow.
  4. Tape Lace: The tape in the lace is worked and forms a design pattern.
  5. Knotted Lace: This lace includes macrame and tatting.
  6. Crocheted Lace: Made with Irish crochet, pineapple crochet and/or filet crochet.
  7. Knitted Lace: Lace so fine that it can be pulled through a wedding ring (think wedding ring shawl).
  8. Machine-Made Lace: Any style of lace using mechanical means (think sewing machine).
  9. Chemical Lace: Stitched with embroidery threads that form a continuous motif. When the stitching areas are removed, only the embroidery remains.

No matter how the lace is made, when dressed in feminine lace, you always look top grade!

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Lace Fun Fact: The origin of lace is disputed by historians. Lace is thought to be of Italian origin as it was found in a will of 1493 by the Milanese Sforza family. Flemish also claim the origin of lace as the fabric was displayed on a worshiping priest in a painting around 1485 by Hans Memling. Wherever lace originated, the fashion diva owes them a huge thank you!

The late 1500s marked a rapid development of lace, both needle lace and bobbin lace, which became dominant in fashion. For enhancing the beauty of collars and cuffs, needle lace was embroidered with loops and picots.

Lace clothing is delicate, dainty, darling and doll like! Fashionable and fancy!

Fashion-Night-Club-Long-Sleeve-Dress-Women-Street-Style-Casual-Dresses-Black-Lace-Stand-Collar-Sexywhite-lace-dresses-casualtwinkle-by-wenlan-lace-dress-in-white-womens-dresses-casual-long-z9mhkowqwomen-039-s-spring-sexy-lace-clothing-offVerrier - Runway - Spring 09 MBFWwhite-lace-dress-SS2011_3969x2806Top-Quality-New-2014-Women-Clothing-Girls-Runway-Fashion-Embroidery-Sexy-Fashion-Lace-Long-Sleeve-Dress

A benefit of wearing lace is that you can class up an outfit made of pure lace, or you can doll up ripped jeans merely by adding a lace top. Are you in the mood to dress comfy and casual? A wee bit of lace can pretty up the place. Are you in a mood to be feminine and flirty from head to toe? Then covered in lace is the way to go!

Lace Fun Fact: Lace was used by the clergy of the early Catholic Church as part of vestments in religious ceremonies, but didn’t come into widespread use until the 16th century in the northwestern part of Europe! In North America in the 19th century, missionaries spread the knowledge of lace to the Native American tribes.

Feminine, frilly, girly and grand. When draped in lace, you will never look bland.


A sharp contrast is black lace to white lace! Whereas black lace can be worn to pull off sultry and sensual, white lace often appears clean and innocent! Ah, always keep them guessing! A true fashion diva never gives away her true tidbits! Mystery equals allure, for sure!


Get your fashion fix on with luxurious lace.

Lace is style by the mile.

Go ahead, wear lace for awhile. You’re certain to smile.

How you look and feel when dressed in lace will definitely put a smile on your face!

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