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Seiko Introduces Astrolabe Inspired Prospex Save the Ocean Limited Edition 1965 Modern Re-interpretation SLA065

Seiko’s in-house 8L35 movement beating inside is another example of why the SLA065 toes the line between the SPB’s and the SBG’s of the world. Developed by Seiko specifically for their dive watches, the 8L35 touts features like a 50 hour power reserve, SPRON (Seiko alloy) hairspring, and an accuracy within -10/+15 seconds per day. The fact that the 8L35 movement is essentially an undecorated version of the Grand Seiko caliber 9S35, speaks volumes as to what type of movement is inside of the SLA065. It’s worth noting that the 8L35 sports a larger balance wheel to support the larger dive hands, and although it is the base of the GS caliber 9S35, it’s not regulated and adjusted to the same standards as its Grand Seiko brethren.

There is a certain quality that I’ve taken a liking to with the Modern Re-interpretation 62MAS divers. The SLA065 in particular takes these features and adds another layer to admire with the astrolabe-inspired dial. Removing the color-matched synthetic rubber strap should be cinch with the drilled lugs, and I’m sure throwing this diver on a NATO or a steel mesh strap would make the SLA065 even more likable on the wrist. With the SPB143 and co. still making their rounds as the darling of the Seiko Prospex diver line for hitting all the right design cues at an incredibly attractive price, the SLA065 and other 62MAS re-interpretations will continue to have to fight for the spotlight. That said, if you’ve been a lifelong Seiko collector, and have been curious about going upmarket, then the SLA line might be the way to go, or you could just jump into the deep end that is Grand Seiko. I guess all of this are good problems to have if you’re Seiko.

The Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean Limited Edition 1965 Modern Re-interpretation SLA065 is limited to 1,300 pieces and retails for $2,900. Purchasing the SLA065 supports an underwater archaeology project off the coast of the Greek island of Fournoi. With their diving efforts, there’s hope that researchers will learn more about the Mediterranean marine trading system in the 4th century … and maybe discover an actual astroblabe while they’re down there. Seiko

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