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Would You Customize Your Daytona? A New Creation From Artisans de Genève Makes a Strong Case for Personalization

Another bonus of going the custom route is that it allows the owner to admire the movement of their Rolex, which of course is not part of the package on any Rolex that leaves the factory. Artisans has added a gold rotor to the 4130 chronograph caliber as well as additional decoration to the movement, applied by hand. This includes hand beveled edges on the movement bridges, something that you’d never find on a bone stock Rolex caliber, which are finished nicely, but in a more industrial fashion. 

This level of personalization doesn’t come cheap. According to Artisans, the cost of the work for the Honey Green came to approximately $24,000. That, of course, does not include the cost of the watch. More information can be found on the Artisans de Genève website right here

Editor’s Note: Artisans de Geneve reached out and requested that the following information pertaining to their business and inspiration for the Honey Green watch be reiterated: 

Regarding their business practices: “We offer a customization service upon request and our capacity is extremely limited.” 

Regarding the goals of the project: “The challenge was to insufflate our client’s timepiece with vintage codes, and to develop a unique green that would match with each material, and the gold counters. It is never about recreating a watch.”

Regarding the aesthetic: “(The Honey Green) is inspired by the aesthetic of all vintage timepieces, and the style at that time rather than a specific brand.” 

Regarding the Honey Green’s proportions: “The crown-guards and the rest of the modifications were thought out with our client to give a refined allure to his timepiece, and not replicate the proportions of a vintage Daytona. When working on a client’s timepiece, we insufflate his personality and story.” 

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