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Zenith Defy Revival A3691 Gets Throwback Red Dial

The Defy Revival A3642 featured a dramatic smokey gradient dial that faded from light to dark, and the latest A3691 retains a bit of this quality within the rich red hue, with a gentle shift from light to dark at the dial’s edge. The oversized hour markers look a bit like folded paper rendered in steel, and create a light/shadow effect that lends a ton of personality to the watch as a whole, even in the presence of this case. 

This case nearly defies explanation, and while its 37mm footprint is relatively small, it packs a lot of visual weight into its octagonal frame. There are scalloped edges both in the broader case, and the bezel unit that catch light in a variety of ways thanks to the different finishes used throughout. There are hard edges and swooping lines that all somehow come together in an origami like fashion, creating a wholly unique look. 

Inside you’ll find Zenith’s Elite 670 automatic movement with 50 hours of reserve, and a date complication that’s nestled neatly between the 4 and 5 o’clock hour makers on the dial. It is not color matched, by the way, which is probably a good thing here as the date might get lost entirely otherwise. This is not a limited edition and will be a part of the Defy Revival collection, priced at $6,900 on a steel ladder style bracelet. Zenith.

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