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Weird Car Of The Week: Leyat Helica

The early 20th century marked a significant shift in the automotive industry. Gasoline engines had surpassed steam and electric motors as the primary source of power, leading to an explosion of car manufacturers and the rapid development of engine technology and key features, such as independent suspension and 4-wheel brakes. In 1908, Henry Ford’s Model T, featuring the first cast engine block and 2-speed transmission, hit the market, revolutionizing the industry.

Leyat Helica | © New Atlas

Marcel Leyat was born in France in 1885 and began his career in aviation designing biplane wings. However, lack of funding due to the military dominating the industry led him to shift his focus to automobiles. Leyat recognized the complexities and inefficiencies of early cars and saw the potential to simplify their design for improved reliability and efficiency.

Leyat Helica | © New Atlas

To this end, he attached a propeller directly to the engine’s drive shaft, reducing power loss in the transmission and differential. Leyat also utilized lightweight plywood and curved panels to minimize drag and cut wind resistance, naming his creation the Helica, after the French word for propeller.

Leyat Helica | © New Atlas

Despite its impressive performance, the Helica was not without its flaws. The large propeller obstructed the driver’s view and produced a constant wind gust over the passengers, while the spinning blades posed a safety hazard in the event of a collision. Leyat made some modifications to the design, encasing the propeller in a cage and closing the passenger compartment into a cockpit-like structure.

Leyat Helica | © New Atlas

Although Leyat only sold 23 of the 30 Helica models he produced before running out of money in 1926, his innovations inspired research into automotive aerodynamics and his aircraft experience provided a fresh perspective on car design beyond just the engine.


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