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Homer Simpson ASSASSIN Sneaker Where To Buy

For decades, the Nike Mag from Back To The Future II was considered the greatest ever in mythological sneakers. But with the release of both the non-lacing and power-lacing versions, that heavy crown is now worn by the ASSASSIN, the all-purpose training shoe first spotted on the feet of Ned Flanders in The Simpsons season 2 episode.

The original pair was noted for its highly innovative pump bladder on the tongue — an obvious rip from Reebok’s Pump technology — with a personalized nameplate at the heel. The general silhouette is attributed to Nike’s Air Trainer SC worn by Bo Jackson, while the thick velcro straps add their own timely touch.

Independent brand RETRO Clothing is offering up a variation of the ASSASSIN with some minor modifications from the original. Instead of the nameplate, Homer’s name is embroidered on the heel in the classic Simpsons font, an upside-down Swoosh sits at the ankle (the original featured a very obvious Nike Swoosh logo), and the tongue features RETRO in a varsity style typeface.

At the time of the episode airing, the retail price for the ASSASSIN was $125, which is around $205 today with inflation. The asking price for this current version is $180, so you’ll get a shot at these for less! You can pre-order a pair now from Retro Clothing until April 25th.

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