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Ben Caballero Sets New Record After $3B In Volume | Inman

The Texas agent, who specializes in new construction and routinely tops industry lists, sold more than 6,000 homes last year, setting a new record.

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Ben Caballero, a Texas agent who has consistently set records and landed atop industry ranking lists, has set a new record for doing the most volume for a single agent in a single year.

Ben Caballero

In total, Caballero sold 6,178 homes last year, representing more than $3 billion in volume, according to a statement. That volume figure should give Caballero the industry crown for 2022 and blows away the record he previously set in 2020 when he did $2.46 billion in volume.

In 2021, Caballero did nearly $2 billion in volume and handily took the top spot on the prestigious Real Trends 1000 list for agents who do the most volume.

Caballero has in fact topped the Real Trends 1000 list every year since 2013, often far outpacing the second-place finisher. In 2015, Caballero was the first agent to do more than $1 billion in volume in a single year, according to the statement. He then went on to do more than $2 billion in volume in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In addition, he set a Guinness World Record for selling the most homes in a single year in 2016 after handling 3,556 home sales, the statement also notes. He went on to break that record multiple times, ultimately selling 6,438 homes in 2020.

Caballero and his Texas-based company HomesUSA.com have relationships with more than 60 new home builders in the Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio metro areas.

Caballero said that 2022 began slowly for him because the homebuilders he works with were forced to sell homes from wait lists, the statement notes. However, as the year progressed and the market softened in the face of higher mortgage rates, demand for new builds increased — benefiting Caballero’s business.

“The best new home market in the U.S. is Texas and continues to be Texas,” Caballero concluded. “So, becoming a Texan is arguably the best business decision I ever made.”

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