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Broker Spotlight: Tiffany McQuaid, McQuaid & Co.

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Name: Tiffany McQuaid

Title: President

Experience: 21 years in the real estate industry

Location: Naples, Florida

Brokerage full name: McQuaid & Co.

Rankings: As an agent, Tiffany has had No. 1 market share in her farm area for 21 years. As a company, McQuaid & Co. is in the top 20 out of 400 local brokerages.

Team size: 46 agents, 8 staff 

Transaction sides: Approximately 350 transaction sides per year

Sales volume: Over $1.5 billion in sales since launching McQuaid & Co


  • Women’s Council of Realtors Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Inman News as a Real Estate Industry Influencer in 2017
  • Florida Weekly Newspaper’s Power Women
  • Florida Gulf Coast University’s Distinguished Entrepreneur in 2016
  • Gulfshore Life Magazine’s “Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction” Award.
  • “Most Innovative Brokerage” award by Inman News
  • Naples Christmas Parade Best Overall Winner 2022

How did you choose your brokerage?

After interviewing with multiple brokerages in town and watching the industry unfold in our market, I recognized there was a void. I was unable to find what I was looking for by hanging my license with one of the other brokerages.

So, I created what I wish existed: A unique and dynamic brokerage that focused on joy and collaboration, that was dedicated to individual agent success — not in a “cookie-cutter” platform, but representing their own unique style and flair.

What’s something you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I think we have all heard the quote “It is lonely at the top” but what I can assure you through my own experience (and I am nowhere near the top nor at my peak goals yet) is that, while the quote is completely accurate, I would revise it to say, “It is lonely on your journey to the top.” I believe that to be more correct and not something anyone told me nor shared or talked about when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey.

Tell us about a high point in your brokerage career.

A high point in my brokerage career was having the ability to select my right-hand people. They are good and hard-working people who have our company mission in their hearts and heads and always have our best interests in mind. These core people are as committed to the business as I am and trusting their dedication has afforded the opportunity to make decisions that really propel us forward.

It’s a pleasure to work alongside them and has been the highlight of my career. I got to this place by hiring based on alignment, wishes, motivation, energy levels and trusting my own instincts about someone — not by credentials or hiring by resume. This has served me very well.

What’s your top prediction for 2023?

If I were a betting girl, I would say there will be challenges for those new to the franchise environment and those who have not been through a recessionary market before. With higher interest rates and inventory fluctuations, brokerages will have to take more risks which is counterintuitive to most.

For those who are newer, it will be tougher to navigate where and how to take risks. I believe independent brokerages will have a much stronger presence going forward because it is much easier for us to remain nimble and adapt to changes quickly. The brokerages that are able to innovate, create and implement effectively will be able to better serve changing consumer needs and continue to offer remarkable and unique real estate opportunities to their Realtors© and customers alike.

What’s one thing you wish every agent knew?

I wish agents understood the importance of entering into this industry with a strong mental capacity, ability to handle and overcome objections, and be able to bounce back quickly. This can be a challenging yet truly rewarding career for resilient and focused people.

In addition, the importance of always continuing to learn, as you can be in this industry for two years or 20 years and still not know everything. The minute you begin to think you do know everything is the exact moment you should take a new class, head to a conference or pick up a good industry or business book. 

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