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Exploring Lennar’s Everything’s-Included Smart Home

Lennar is one homebuilder making the most of the popularity of smart home style and infrastructure with their newly implemented tech plan.

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Smart home technology has become a popular feature in new construction homes. One of the companies leading the way in this area is Lennar, one of the largest national homebuilders in the United States. They have implemented a technology plan called “Everything’s Included” that includes many smart home features. However, there may be some aspects of this plan that homeowners would like to change or add to their homes.

Here’s what’s included

One of the most noticeable features of Lennar’s smart homes is the Ring doorbell. They currently include the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 which is wired, providing a more reliable connection than battery-powered models. However, Lennar has changed out their lock a few times. Initially, they started with the Schlage Encode lock, which is a well-regarded lock among smart home enthusiasts. Now they’re using a Schlage lock but adding a Level Lock inside which pairs to the Works with Ring ecosystem.

The Ring security system is another important feature that ties all the smart home devices together. The system includes contact sensors on doors and windows and motion sensors. The system uses Z-Wave to communicate, allowing it to connect with other smart devices such as the Honeywell Pro Series smart thermostat. It also integrates with the Flo by Moen water shut-off system. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro also works with existing wiring and has a physical chime, which is a nice feature for those who want a more traditional doorbell experience. 

In the past, Lennar offered Lutron lighting as an upgrade option, but it is no longer available here in the MN market. However, the cost to add the switches yourself is not very expensive, so it may be worth doing after the fact. The switches are easy to install and allow for convenient control of the lights. Lennar has also made sure to include tech tubes, Ethernet ports, and coaxial ports throughout the house. These ports allow for easy installation of televisions, computers, and other devices.

Lennar’s expansion-capable infrastructure

Lennar has also included a lot of infrastructure for homeowners who want to expand their smart home capabilities. They have installed Ethernet cables throughout the house that route down to a central box in the utility room. This box also contains a power outlet and is where homeowners can place their modem, routers, and security system. They also included a tube that goes up to the attic, which is useful if you want to add a satellite or PoE cameras in the future. 

Another smart home device that Lennar includes is the Flo by Moen system. This system monitors water usage and can detect leaks. In the event of a leak, the system can turn off the water at the main to prevent further damage. The Flo by Moen system also works with the Ring security system, creating a completely integrated smart home experience.

Most Lennar homes include a Craftsman garage door opener with MyQ built-in. However, in some cases, they may install a different brand. In this case, the home featured a Genie garage door opener with the MyQ module setup.

Building a new home can be an exciting experience, but homeowners may want to customize or change certain aspects after the home is complete. As smart home technology continues to evolve, and homeowners can tailor their homes to their specific needs and preferences.

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