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Three times a week we bring you Agent Edge — Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Our Friday AE comes out side by side with our Inman Top 5, a roundup of the readership’s five most-read stories of the week. 

In the spirit of digging even deeper into the news that’s top-of-mind, we’re making our Friday edition into The Download — a deep dive into one of the week’s top five stories along with three related stories to add even more perspective.

Today’s Download starts by focusing on our latest Inman Handbook, all about artificial intelligence. Then we’re pulling the best of our recent coverage surrounding the promised potential that’s offered by next-gen AI-based platforms.

Don’t forget to dig into our latest from Inman Access: Industry experts share how to make the most out of the market

Plus, Inman’s tech expert Craig Rowe reviews Modwell.

Imagine replacing your most tedious tasks with a few clicks on your computer. That’s the promise of artificial intelligence-based platforms, which put copywriting, graphic design, coding services and more right at your fingertips.

While every new virtual step forward is greeted with both interest and suspicion by real estate professionals, the various iterations of AI seems to be generating plenty of interest from Inman readers. In this handbook, Jim Dalrymple II rounds up all of the best information so that you can understand what to do, how to do it and what to expect when working with AI. Read the full story

Top Tip: Worried about being replaced by a bot? Most agents Dalrymple talked to said they didn’t see it coming for their jobs anytime soon. The reality is that for accuracy, expertise and the ability to provide context, current AI models can’t stand up to the know-how of an experienced real estate agent. (Whew!)

I gave AI 10 commission objection scripts. Here are its faves

When author and trainer Bernice Ross wanted to run her favorite scripts by ChatGPT, she decided to give it a basis for comparison. First, she asked it to look at common objection handlers around the topic of commissions. Then, she asked it to roleplay as a luxury homeowner to determine which worked better — her scripts or the ones the bot found.

The result? Well, read on to find out not only which scripts ChatGPT preferred, but also what made one better than another. You’ll be surprised at the insights. Read the full story here.

This pro gave AI 10 headshots. Check out the realistic results

We talk a lot about how AI platforms generate text, but we may have forgotten the first big splash made by DALL-E and visual image generators like it. If you’ve fallen by the wayside on updating your headshot (remember that challenge?) you can get back on track with a new service that uses AI to create a selection of headshots that are, in some cases, better than real life. Rachael Hite dug in and did the work on her own headshot to see how a computer could make her look her absolute best. Read the full story here.

How will AI change your real estate business?

Want to broaden your horizons and think about some other possible applications for artificial intelligence as a help for running your business operations? Chris Pollinger has rounded up 10 possibilities — case uses that AI’s capability is uniquely qualified for, from analysis to assistance to customer-facing services. Read the full story here.

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