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Reel In Clients: Catch Attention On Instagram With Video Content

Watch Intentional Instagram part three with Katie Lance, CEO and founder of Katie Lance Consulting, on Inman Access to learn how to maximize your social media performance, build your brand, and make new connections.

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become an essential tool for businesses to showcase their services and products to a wider audience. In the video above, Katie Lance gives tips and advice on how to broaden your reach on Instagram using Reels.

Video content has become increasingly popular across social media and incorporating it into your feed and posting routine can improve your page’s performance. Lance shares tricks on how to get started making Reels, trends to keep in mind, analytics, content creation schedule suggestions, and additional apps and resources she recommends.

The perfect crash course for real estate professionals looking to up their IG game, Lance shares her words of wisdom on how to get your content out into the wild in the most beneficial and impactful way.

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