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What’s To Like (Or Not To Like) About Your In-House Lender? Pulse

In May, we’ll go deep on money and finance for a special theme month, by talking to leaders about where the mortgage market is heading and how technology and business strategies are evolving to suit the needs of buyers now. A prestigious new set of awards, called Best of Finance, debuts this month too, celebrating the leaders in this space. And subscribe to Mortgage Brief for weekly updates all year long.

While some real estate agents see in-house lenders as a major convenience, others see them as a distraction at best or an impediment at worst. So much of the difference comes down to the quality of the lender — their flexibility, the options they offer and their overall reliability.

After all, when you’re trying to make the homebuying process as easy as possible, the quality of the lender is a major component. A good one can keep a deal together against all odds while a bad one can upend the transaction singlehandedly — and make you look bad in the process.


Since this month is all about mortgages and alternative financing options, we wanted to ask: What’s to like (or not to like) about your in-house lender? Are they helpful and focused on adding value or do they make your life more difficult? Does your broker take into account your feedback or align with the lender in most cases? Do you feel you have the option of using someone else or are you forced into favoring the in-house option? Let us know below.

We’ll post our findings with the top answers next week on Tuesday.

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