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Long, straight, sleek hair is sexy, trendy and gorgeous. But sometimes, a girl wants a happening head of curls.

From sexy straight to chic curl: your hairstyle is part of the fun of being a girl.

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There are many ways to go about adding lustrous curls to your vibrant head of hair:

  1. Braids: Braid wet to damp hair, then remove the braids when the hair is dry. You will have beautiful curls. The tighter the braids, the tighter the curls.
  2. Heat Curlers: You can buy heat curlers at drug stores and beauty supply stores, and they work well! You heat the curlers for a quick period of time, then roll your hair. When you remove the curler, the hair is curled. Careful though, sometimes the steam is hot on your fingers.
  3. Curling Irons: Again, you are using heat to place the curls, but there isn’t any fussing with curlers. Just roll the hair around the heated curling iron and hold. The longer you hold the heat to the hair, the tighter the curl will be.
  4. Cushioned/Foam or Plastic Rollers: Place the rollers in wet to damp hair and let the hair dry. When you remove the rollers, the hair is curled. As with all methods, the larger the roller, the looser the curl will be. For tight, tight curls, use small rollers and only wrap thin sections of hair at a time.
  5. Fingers: Yes, you can scrunch curls into your hair with your fingers. This works best when you spray a curl enhancing product in your hair first (available at drug stores and beauty supply stores). Take your fingers and scrunch your hair between your fingertips, adding curl. When you have your desired look, you’ll need to add hair spray to hold the curl.

Not normally one to wear curls? Go ahead, be brave, give the fabulous curl a whirl.


Curls make for a great, playful yet beautiful hair style. Curls work well when you feel you need to wash your hair, but don’t have the time.

Hair in place curls look gorgeous, but curls that give off a “bed head” vibe look youthful and fun. The perfect hair style for a busy girl on the run.

Hair Curl Tip: If you haven’t tried this, the finished look is different and stunning. Sometimes if I’m going somewhere and I want to change my look a bit, I use a curling iron and put three ringlet curls on each side of my face, then I leave the rest of my hair straight and flowing down. This way, I still have my straight, sleek hair style, but I’ve spruced it up and framed my face with ringlet curls. Adorable.

If you have the time, and you want to really ramp up the volume of your hair, wearing curls down your back looks luxurious. People will stop, ooh and ahh, and stare.


A mane of curls looks just as appealing from the front too.  A beautiful, fetching, glamorous you.


Girls just want to have fun in the sun, or fun wherever they go, for that matter! Put a bounce in your step with bounce in your hair. A lovely hair style that works everywhere.

Mesmerize with a whirl of curls!


Do you think your hair is too short for curls? Not so! Short, ringlet curls or a tight perm will frame your face for a perfect glow.

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Nancy Marie Mangano Style at https://nancymariemangano.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://nancymangano.com



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