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Checking out the Sinn T50s in Geneva

From there, we took a look at the T50 GBDR, which is two-tone, featuring a Goldbronze bezel, titanium case, and titanium bracelet if chosen. This one really got me. The Goldbronze looked amazing with the titanium. Usually, two-tone watches feel more ornate, but this didn’t come off that way. Sure, the Goldbronze adds a pop of warmth, a touch of gold tone, but the matte finish and the context of the watch itself, made it feel purposeful. The slightly darker-than-steel coloring of the titanium accentuated the Goldbronze in just the right way as well. Thanks to the titanium, the T50 GBDR was noticeably lighter as well.

Lastly, we checked out the full titanium T50. What’s not to like here? Admittedly, I am a titanium stan and would gladly swap out all steel in my collection for beautiful, lightweight titanium. Regardless, in the context of the T50, it makes so much sense. The U50 is as modern as a diver can get, save using steel. Nothing wrong with steel, but to me, a perfect sports watch should also be light and non-fatiguing. Though it was on my wrist all-too-briefly, I could tell given the scale and weight of the T50, you could forget it was there, in the best sense.

Something I enjoyed about the T50s was the lack of red. All of the core U50s use red prominently. It’s on the base of the hour and minute hands, nearly covering the seconds hand, printed on the dial and dispersed across the bezel. While I’m not anti-red, I’m not drawn to it either and prefer a more restrained application. On the T50s, this isn’t a concern at all as the palette is reduced to white, black, and gray. The result is just a touch sleeker to my eyes.

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