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Hublot Continues their Collaboration with Tattoo Artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi in the New Spirit of Big Bang Sang Bleu Collection

These watches have a very specific and, I imagine, narrow appeal, but I find them fascinating on an aesthetic level for a few reasons. First, the levels of symmetry that are created through the design of the facets on the case are striking, and while I certainly don’t require symmetry in watch design, here I think it’s aesthetically pleasing. Second, I think that unlike some watch/artist collaborations that don’t make a ton of sense, these watches (and other Sang Bleus) really show their tattoo roots. They are unmistakably creations of Maxime Plescia-Buchi, and feel like his work transposed to a watch in a way that some other watches made in partnership with artists don’t quite get exactly right. Furthermore, I think Hublot deserves credit for giving the artist free rein over the dial and case, and not limiting Plescia-Buchi to a novelty dial design. It reminds me of the approach Zenith has taken with Felipe Pantone to create a watch that represents an all encompassing artistic vision. 

The titanium version of the Spirit of Big Bang Sang Bleu has a retail price of $28,300 (without diamonds) and the ceramic is $30,400. If you choose to go gold, you’re looking at $50,400. More information on Hublot’s website here.

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