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Introducing the All New BOLDR x Pokémon Voyage Collection

In terms of movements, three of the four use fully mechanical Seiko-made calibers. The Pikachu and Charizard watches use the NH38 automatic movement, and the Blastoise uses the NH37 caliber, which features a 24 hour subdial at 10:00, which combined with a 12 hour bezel makes it suitable for tracking a second time zone (ditto for Charizard). The Venusaur watch features a VK64 meca-quartz movement, which uses a quartz regulator for timekeeping, but has a separate chronograph execution with which is operated mechanically. 

If you’ve read this far and are thinking “I can’t wait to collect catch them all,” and you happen to be in America, you might be disappointed to learn that due to what I can only imagine are deeply complex licensing restrictions, these watches will only be available in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Not ideal if you live somewhere else, but exploring the enthusiast forums should lead you to options if you’re creative, industrious, and serious about your Pokémon. At the very least, you can learn more about the collection and sign up for the waiting list here.

The retail price for each watch is $449, and they are scheduled to go on sale via BOLDR’s website on April 27.

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