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Mr Jones Adds A Perfectly Useless Afternoon to their Growing Lineup of Mechanical Watches

The mechanical version of “A perfectly useless afternoon” measures 40mm across and 50mm from lug to lug. Somewhat ironically given the aquatic venue seen on the dial, the watch is only rated to 50 meters of water resistance. The movement is the STP1-11 automatic caliber, a solid movement that has done time in watches made by Zodiac, Serica, and other brands. It’s visible through the display caseback, which features the name of the watch and its designer, as well as that rubber duck. Most of the time I’m not a fan of brands layering text or graphics over a display caseback, but i think I can make an exception for the rubber duck in this case. 

Mr Jones perhaps doesn’t get enough credit in enthusiast circles for their creative designs, but I think (I hope!) that the tide might be turning. A quick look through their website reveals that many of their watches are sold out, and awaiting a restock, and they have a growing number of mechanical pieces, which are likely to always be the preference of enthusiasts and collectors. I also sense that the watch community is moving on from homogenous, vintage inspired divers and similar styles of watches that have dominated over the last few years, and quirky, design forward watches like those made by Mr Jones might have an opportunity to gain some additional traction. 

“A perfectly useless afternoon” carries a retail price of $550. More information on the Mr Jones website here.

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