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Oris Adds Some Bling to the Aquis: Hands-On with the New Aquis Date Diamonds

The appeal here, at least for me, is the idea of having a single watch that kind of transforms you. I think most collectors already think about watches like this on a certain level, at least subconsciously. It explains, in part, why we love pilot’s watches when we don’t actually know how to fly a plane. Or why a watch that’s good to depths beyond what a human being could survive while diving speaks to us. They inspire confidence through aspiration, while also being good looking, capable, and often practical. This watch can turn you into a guy that is totally comfortable wearing a ton of diamonds for a night, and that’s fun. If your name starts with the letter “D,” it might even garner you a nickname with the word “Diamond in it. 

And then there’s the price. The Aquis Date Diamonds has a retail price of $5,700 on a bracelet, and $5,500 on a strap. The bling-per-dollar ratio here is off the charts, but that’s the magic of lab-grown diamonds. If these were mined diamonds, that retail price would easily sail into the five figure range. Not a lot of practicality there. But at a $5,000 price point, this watch has a certain charm if you’re at all inclined toward this vibe aesthetically. I didn’t think I was, but that twinkle is surprisingly tough to resist. Oris

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