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Looking For A Proper “Shacket”To Get You Through The Transitional Seasons? Look No Further Than The Standard H Willys Shirt Jacket

Whether you’re a devoted podcast consumer, sartorial savant, or abreast of the current happenings within our tiny world that is the watch community, you may have heard of STANDARD H. Founded by Wesley Smith, the brand has evolved into a bi-weekly must-download podcast that hosts entrepreneurs from all sorts of industries, as well as a thriving automotive-inspired apparel brand. Their brand mantra, “For Those With Drive” is a double entendre that speaks to the entire STANDARD H ethos.


Adding to their evolving collection of apparel such as the Avant T, their flagship everyday t-shirt, and the Targa Florio, a double breasted jacket inspired by British tailoring and Italian style, STANDARD H has recently announced the addition of the Willys Shirt Jacket. Inspired by the Willys military jeep from the 1940s, the Willys Shirt Jacket takes on the utilitarian approach, sporting 2 large button-closure chest pockets, and 2 large interior pockets (heavy co-sign). Military green, a common colorway used within the STANDARD H collection, is the appropriate fabric complexion given the garment’s namesake.


If you’ve been searching for a piece of apparel to throw over a t-shirt during the brisk Spring nights, or a proper layering piece for the colder seasons that lie far ahead (let’s keep it that way for now), then check out the Willys Shirt Jacket from STANDARD H. If you also happen to be in the SF area this weekend, swing by their booth at our annual WindUp San Francisco Show at the Terra Gallery, and say hello.

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