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Fyre Festival Is Back: Here’s To Hoping The Thing Doesn’t Extravagantly Burn Down, Again

Via Netflix

Netflix’s FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is the all-encompassing handbook on how not to start a music festival. For those who haven’t seen it, the idea made sense. Billy McFarland, the man behind it all, wanted to throw the most epic music festival on a remote island (and not just any island … Pablo Escobar’s former private island) centered around the lavish lifestyle of luxury. With a tentative star-studded festival lineup in place and major influencers talking the entire thing up on their respective platforms, what could go wrong? Well actually, all of it.

Via Netflix

All types of doo-doo hit the fan (you’re going to have to watch the documentary to see how it all played out) and the end result was McFarland pleading guilty to two counts of wire fraud and a  sentence of six years in prison. Well folks, buckle up, because like the man with a thunderbolt scar on his forehead, McFarland is back and he’s ready for round two of the Fyre Festival. In a tweet this week, McFarland posted “Fyre Festival II is finally happening. Tell me why you should be invited.”

Usually we don’t cover these types of stories, but the FYRE Netflix documentary was pretty much must-see TV as well saw the whole thing come crashing down. If McFarland’s involvement is any indication of what to expect with the second coming of the Fyre Festival, then maybe there might be another cringe-worthy documentary in the making. Let’s just hope that this time around, festival-goers don’t get stranded on an island or get fleeced for their hard-earned dollars. Get your popcorn ready.

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