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Getting To Know The Other “Rolex”

Via New York Times

What if we told you that you could purchase your very own “Rolex” for 1,500 Ugandan Shillings, or roughly 40 U.S. cents? And then what if we followed that up by saying you can even make a “Rolex” within the confines of your very own home? If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re not talking about the privately-owned Swiss powerhouse watch company commonly known as the “The Crown,” but a popular Ugandan street food that has adopted the Rolex name.

Via New York Times

The hearty Ugandan snack’s nickname is actually derived from what the meal actually is – “rolled eggs” (say that a few times fast, and you can see how it gets the name) and it even has its own dedicated annual festival in Uganda. Essentially, it’s a vegetable omelet rolled up in chapati, a form of bread similar to that of roti. The omelet seems to be the straightforward part of the recipe, but the chapati however, is a bit more tricky. Although chapati is traditionally made up of only four ingredients, the type of flour you use, as well as your preference for the proportions of milk or water will determine the texture of your Rolex’s omelet vector.

The Other Rolex

For once, it’s quite amusing to talk about Rolex without having to encounter serious discussions about attainability, gray market pricing or subtle (and not so subtle) changes to current models in the current collection. As for the Ugandan street snack that’s enjoying some time in the limelight, it’s a “Rolex” that we’re sure you all won’t mind getting behind.

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