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Desk Drawer Finds: Two Additional Paul Newman Daytonas That Could Fetch Millions

Via Wall Street Journal

Our beloved junk drawers have a peculiar habit of concealing long lost treasures. Whether they be a set of keys, a random token from a past trip, or that five dollar bill you knew you had stashed away in a pocket somewhere but somehow ended up in the back of the drawer of misfit stuff. A different drawer find, one of horological significance, occurred years ago when Nell Newman was digging through a drawer to find a pencil. What she ended up finding was a pair of Rolex Daytonas worn by her late father, Paul Newman.

The two Daytonas in question – a 1993 Zenith Daytona 16520 with a pearl white dial and a 2006 white-gold Daytona 116519 on a black leather strap. Both Rolexes, along with 300 other Newman family mementos are set to hit the auction block in an upcoming Sotheby’s event later this year, with each of the Daytonas projecting to fetch upwards of $500,000 to $1 million. For more information about the upcoming auction and this incredible find by the Newman family, check out the Wall Street Journal exclusive, here.

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